Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Almost through the 1st Trimester!

It has been exciting telling our family and close friends the exciting news about the baby. Most everyone knows now. Today CJ and I told our Principals, so, the news is out! We even met with a woman in the Bend La Pine's Human Resource department to discuss my leave (and even possibly CJ's). I should be able to take off the rest of the school year from March 6th on, and CJ is thinking about taking some Paternity leave the following fall.
It has been interesting watching/feeling my body change. I am starting to get a belly, but I really just think it is bloating! I wish it were a little larger, it sort of looks like a beer belly right now. I am sure I will not have to wait long for that big belly! Also, I am noticing that I can't eat regular sized meals, I feel full after just a small portion. But, I get hungry shortly there after. So, I am eating a often. I am also starting to think that me doing the grocery shopping is a bad idea! Today I walked out with Oreo's, mint chip ice cream, and few other unnecessary purchases :)


11 weeks, 2 days

Our second visit to Doctor Burkett was even better than the first. Katy and the baby (which the doc called a him) are doing very well. The heartbeat is still strong and we were able to see the little guy move around in Katy's stomach. The ultrasound machine is AWESOME! Check the picture to the left of this page. We could see him moving his arms around his face. He moved more than I would have expected. I think he is already showing signs of athletic potential. Please share the news with all. Thanks for reading. CJ