Thursday, June 25, 2009

Three Months Old

OK...Brennan is actually 3 1/2 months old now! But he has grown so much physically and developmentally. He is almost 11 pounds, he is just starting to fit in his 0-3 month clothes! He is very active, always wanting to 'stand' and stomp his feet. Also, he has mastered rolling over (back to belly AND belly to back) and he is starting to tuck his knees under his belly. Brennan is really grasping objects. He knows how to get the pacifier out of his mouth and can almost get it back in, it is very cute to watch him try so persistently. He makes very loud screaming and cackling noises when he is happy. He is really smiley and even giggling, now. Some of his favorite activities include: listening to music, looking in the mirror, reading books (well, being read TO), laying on his play mat, bouncing and standing in our arms, watching his mobile while cracking up and laying outside. Brennan is lucky to have both Mom and Dad home for the summer. We love taking Brennan to the Farmer's Market, playing outside and going for walks. This summer Brennan had a couple of first time experiences: Staying at his first hotel (Hotel Manaco in Portland) and riding on a ski boat.