Thursday, November 6, 2008


This is a profile of his head and we think the umbilical chord.

Boy parts....

Yep! There's our boy. He's got a Penis.

Monday, November 3, 2008

Pumpkin is Moving!

Within the last week, I have felt more obvious movements by the baby. They are not nearly as obvious as I would have thought. They are just like little bubbles, not distinct kicks. Last night when we were laying in bed I definately felt him. CJ put his hand on my belly and felt the little flutter! He (and I) were so excited!


We are half way there! We went to the mid-pregnancy ultrasound and was thrilled to hear that everything looks healthy. It was awesome watching HIM for 45 minutes during the ultrasound. They look for deformities, check brain development, spine development, heart development and also show you how your baby compares to others growth wise. We saw detailed views of his heart, brain, and EVERYTHING else. We saw such details as his eyes (retina and lid), ear and the bottoms of the feet. Also, the doctor re-confirmed that it IS a boy, he said...something falls off!

I continue to feel great. My only complaint is not being able to take a decongestant when I am congested, and my feet hurt a little. NOT MUCH to complain about, though.