Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Sacramento Shower 1/18/08

In case Brennan had not been spoiled enough, there was yet another shower held in his honor! Kitty, Lizzy, Christina, Nicole and Joanne all helped to throw an amazing event. This shower was filled with family friends, many women who have just recently become Grandmothers themselves. They sure know how to spoil a baby!! From the personalized pencils, to the delicious plated food, this shower was amazing!

Sacramento Shower 1/17/08

Aunt J, Cara, Ellyn and Diane all pitched in to throw a beautiful shower with many personal details! Aunt J made blocks that incorporated photos of CJ and I in our infancy, they were so creative. Brennan even made himself known when he moved across my belly upon the opening of yet another humidifier! He must take after his mother's love of practical items, as he was literally doing flips for the humidifier!! It was a great time with close family and friends.

Yreak Shower 12/28/08

While visiting the Colt family in Yreka, Aunt Jenny, Grandma (to be) Gail and Aunt (to be)Jody (and many others who pitched in) all helped throw a very special 'tea party' shower in Brennan's honor. There were some very special and sentimental gifts given. Aunt Jenny passed down the family bassinet that was made by Aunt Debbie for Cade.


Over the last month, we have had showers held in Brennan's honor! To everyone who helped host, we thank you greatly. Each event was beautiful and unique, and more importanly, was a time to spend with our family and friends. CJ and I are so greatful to have been showered with so many needed baby necesities. Without these special events, we would not have been as prepared as we are now.

Sunday, January 11, 2009

Brennan William Colt

We have officially named our new baby boy! Brennan will take the middle name 'William' after his Grandpa. We 'broke' the news to Grandpa on Christmas day with a very special gift.

The Countdown Begins

We are getting ready for the arrival of Baby Brennan! Grandma Gail and Grandpa Michael helped Dad set up the new crib. We were so excited to put this essential part of the nursery in his room, that we spend New Years Eve setting everything up!