Thursday, December 10, 2009

Daycare Days

Brennan has started daycare along with some filled days with a professional babysitter. Our good friend's Mom, Cathi, is kind enough to help us during these three weeks Brennan has to wait for his daycare spot. Brennan loves Cathi, she is a retired teacher who is already grooming him to be a genius. Tuesdays Brennan has been to daycare. HE LOVES IT! He plays with all the kids, while they all protect him and bring him toys. All the other kids are at the mature age of 2-4, so they like to show Brennan the 'ropes'. He loves daycare so much that he can't fall asleep for his second nap. He just laughs and plays in the crib while the others sleep. But, somehow he comes home happy and ready for round 3 with Mom and Dad!

3/4 of a year Birthday

That's 9 months for you NON-mathematicians! Brennan is loving being mobile. He is so happy crawling everywhere. He has discovered his favorite drawer, the baking drawer, where he pulls out sprinkles, muffin trays and cookie cutters. He is working on standing on his own. He can stand on his own for about 30 seconds. Also, he is working on 'mama', he already can say 'dada'....but he really has no idea what those sounds mean! However, one night Daddy showed him the moon and ever since then he says 'oon...oon' every time we take him into the bathroom to see the moon in the skylight!

Spoiler Alert!!!

Don't we all love our Aunts! Always spoiling us too much love, kisses, hugs and..oh yes, presents! Well Auntie KK is attempting to beat all 'spoiling' records by giving Brennan as many loud, obnoxious and large toys as she can...oh, and don't forget all the lovin' too!!

Thanksgiving Week

Brennan is sure getting used to these car trips! He does great and loves to stare out the window. The only time he gets fussy is on the last leg of the trip usually around Chemult, OR (45 min. outside of Bend). It is like he knows we are almost there, Mom even feels the same way when we are that close!

The week started out with a special trip to Lafayette to visit the Ledermans and the soon-to-be Zadans. This included Brennan's second meeting of his buddy Nate, Danielle and Mike's son. Brennan had a blast playing with Nate's toys before he ever will! On our way back from the Bay Area we grabbed Auntie KK who had the opportunity to spend the week in Sacramento with her FAVORITE nephew, and of course...the rest of the family! Brennan was a super trooper shopping and having a photo shoot (he was the star) at the local Picture People on Tuesday. He put on quite the show. We were thinking he might have a future as a male model, but were reminded that he may not make it over the 5'10" mark! So much for that idea ;)

The holiday was spend with the Martins and, and of course, a ton of food displayed perfectly! Oh yes, and the table setting was gorgeous too (shout out to Mom). On Friday we traveled up to Yreka where we enjoyed Christmas tree hunting (with everyone else) and a big family dinner where Brennan entertained the crowed.

What a fabulous week....