Thursday, December 10, 2009

Daycare Days

Brennan has started daycare along with some filled days with a professional babysitter. Our good friend's Mom, Cathi, is kind enough to help us during these three weeks Brennan has to wait for his daycare spot. Brennan loves Cathi, she is a retired teacher who is already grooming him to be a genius. Tuesdays Brennan has been to daycare. HE LOVES IT! He plays with all the kids, while they all protect him and bring him toys. All the other kids are at the mature age of 2-4, so they like to show Brennan the 'ropes'. He loves daycare so much that he can't fall asleep for his second nap. He just laughs and plays in the crib while the others sleep. But, somehow he comes home happy and ready for round 3 with Mom and Dad!

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Sean said...

what a little cutie