Sunday, October 18, 2009

Brennan Crawling

Monday, October 12 (7 months old), Brennan took his first crawling 'steps' to Mom in the bedroom. That night Brennan surprised us when his little face was poking over the railing of the crib, after pulling himself onto his knees! Needless to day, we lowered the crib. By Friday, Brennan was jetting all over. Here is a video of him on Friday....

Saturday, October 10, 2009


Mom learned her lesson, homemade food is just not as good as Gerber! After many tries, we finally realized that Mom's home cooking was just not cutting it. Once we tried Gerber, Brennan ate it up ;)


First attempts at 'rockin'

This is one of Brennan's first attempts at 'rocking', he had many cheerleaders in Yreka!

7 Months Old

Brennan is 7 months old today! He has changed so much this month. First of all, Brennan has been 'rocking' on all fours for the last 2 1/2 weeks, and is really getting close to crawling. Also, he finally starting, liking, and eating baby foods! Babbling and growling are some of Brennan's favorite noises. he like to 'talk' during our conversations, he hasn't quite learned how rude it is to interrupt. This week he got his first tooth on the bottom. Luckily, we have gotten away with him waking once at night in pain, and besides that he has not been fussy...whew. We'll be anticipating the next 19! Today, on his birthday he began mimicking Gigi (Grandma Gail) and I clapping. He puts his hands together, smiles, and tries (sometimes missing) slapping them together. We'll see what the next month holds for Brennan William...

Picture of Brennan making his birthday cake, which he had none of!

more new friends....

Brennan has met so many of his friends. He has so much fun with them all! He loved hanging out with his Cool Cousin Cade a couple weeks ago. Then, he hung out with his buddy Cameron, son of Jen and Brendon Becker in Novato. Most recently, he met his future ball playing buddy, Nate (Born October 2, 2009), son of Danielle and Mike Lederman (he is adorable!!).

*Brennan acted very displeased when he was put near his friend Nate, as you can tell in the picture, Brennan later explained to me that he was simply jealous of his friend's full head of hair!

New Friend

Brennan is in love with the cat, BB. Anytime he hears her, Brennan lights up. He is about to crawl, and I would not be surprised if he crawls to BB!