Monday, January 11, 2010

Happy New Year

We rung in the NY 2010 NYC style. We celebrated with friends, the ones with babies! Our friend Jo hosted a fun night, toasting to the New Year at 9:00. Somehow we made it until midnight, anyways!


Mommy is almost done. Finished last class and thesis is due Feb. 10th.

10 months

Brennan has hit the double least in months! He has become the little charmer - giggling, mimicking, waving, clapping, talking, and screaming for joy! He loves to be engaged with people, but he also enjoys his 'alone' time playing with toys. The BIG news is Brennan is walking!! He has started taking steps, we have seen him take 6 steps before he falls. His first step was in Dos Palos at his Great Grandma and Grandpa's house. He keeps trying and trying. Today he started swim lessons and loved being in the water. Brennan is a full-time daycare kid now. He arrives at 7:30 and stays until 3:30. He screams and shakes out of excitement when we get to Christina's (the daycare provider) home. We are happy to see him so happy. He only naps one-time at daycare, because he get SOO excited. But, it was great because he fell back into his 2-nap routine this weekend...he was a tired boy! Brennan now has a total of 7 (maybe 8) teeth. He has started to feed himself, occasionally. He will eat crackers and chopped foods, along with purees and few bottles. He eats a ton, but still continues to maintain his svelte little body.

Saturday, January 9, 2010

Introducing Cousin - Judah Jon Thomas Colt

Brennan's first cousin has arrived. Judah Colt was born December 4th. We were lucky enough to meet this special boy on our visit to Solvang to see this new family. Brennan is quite fond of his new cousin :) Also, Aunt Jody and Uncle Kris had fun playing 'Santa' to Brennan.

'All I want for Christmas is my two front teeth...'

Brennan must have been REALLY good, because he got not only two, but THREE teeth for Christmas!! Oh yes, all at once!! Needless to say, he was not the happiest little guy on Christmas day. But does he have a smile to represent all that pain, now! We'll try to get a good shot of his now 7 teeth. Here are more Christmas pictures....


Wow!! What a special holiday. We crammed it all in, and every special moment was sooo worth it. We traveled from Bend to Sacramento, to Sacramento to Morrow Bay, Morro Bay to Solvang, Solvang to Dos Palos, Dos Palos back to Sacramento, Sacramento to Yreka and Yreka to Bend!!! Along the way Brennan saw most members of his family, learned new and old holiday traditions, all while being spoiled rotten!


Every Mom has her stash...the dreaded naked baby pictures! Oh and I got some. Poor Brennan is getting his posted on a blog! The joys of new technology ;)

Brennan may not have liked baths the first go around, but he LOVES them now. The minute I strip him down in the bedroom, he jets (crawling) down the hall and into the bathroom and starts pounding on the bathtub screaming for joy!! He WON'T hold still, and splashes all around. He loves water so much we signed him up for swim lessons at the indoor pool. He will be doing them with Daddy on Monday and Wednesdays! Also, his best 'lady friend' Charlie will be partaking as well.