Monday, January 11, 2010

10 months

Brennan has hit the double least in months! He has become the little charmer - giggling, mimicking, waving, clapping, talking, and screaming for joy! He loves to be engaged with people, but he also enjoys his 'alone' time playing with toys. The BIG news is Brennan is walking!! He has started taking steps, we have seen him take 6 steps before he falls. His first step was in Dos Palos at his Great Grandma and Grandpa's house. He keeps trying and trying. Today he started swim lessons and loved being in the water. Brennan is a full-time daycare kid now. He arrives at 7:30 and stays until 3:30. He screams and shakes out of excitement when we get to Christina's (the daycare provider) home. We are happy to see him so happy. He only naps one-time at daycare, because he get SOO excited. But, it was great because he fell back into his 2-nap routine this weekend...he was a tired boy! Brennan now has a total of 7 (maybe 8) teeth. He has started to feed himself, occasionally. He will eat crackers and chopped foods, along with purees and few bottles. He eats a ton, but still continues to maintain his svelte little body.


Brett said...

love your blogging, it's like we're keeping up with you guys as Brennan grows up (so fast)...he is one cute dude...can't wait to really meet him

Katie Anderson said...

How exciting that Brennan is walking!!! He is the cutest!! Sean and I were just talking last night about how cute he is.