Tuesday, July 29, 2008

The First Appointment

Today we had our first appointment. We actually got to see the little 'bean' and the heartbeat!! It was like a little strobe light...we might have a party animal growing in me :) Dr. Bradley Burkett is a great doctor, and everything we hoped for. We also found out that the little guy/gal will be coming earlier than I predicted, March 8th is the due date.



Krista said...

Of course "it" is going to be a party animal!! Hope you guys (+1) have a great anniversary today!

Carol said...

Happy 3rd Anniversary...and what a happy one with news of baby-to-be! Our grandchild will of course be a "party animal", as it is in the Martin/Colt genes! It was really exciting to hear the due date. It is earlier than I anticipated....yahoo!!

bmartin said...

Glad to hear you like the Doc. Also, thanks for sending the baby website. Probably more information than I've ever need, but a great reference if I need to get learned up on something. Look forward to seeing Shellby on Wednesday and you guys on the 14th!