Sunday, September 21, 2008

Week 15

Although I have to use my hands in this picture to highlight my bump, it is definitely growing! I just got finished with a 'Masters Weekend', a weekend full of class, and there is another girl who is recently pregnant. She is due at the end of March, so I am just a little ahead of her. It will be cool to see and compare the changes we experience. As you may be able to tell, this picture was taken in the morning....I am looking a little sleepy :) I am actually really excited for the next few weeks; the baby is going to double in size. Also, I will start looking more pregnant and less like I drank too much beer! Well, CJ and I are off to dinner. I already know what I am going to get, grilled cheese...YUM!

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Auntie KK said...

You look GREAT! It must be all my tough loving and telling you not to get fat, hehe! It sounds like CJ is taking awesome care of you too making sure you and Baby Colt are happy and healthy!! Love you guys!