Friday, April 10, 2009

1 month old

Brennan turns 1 month old today! He is still a little guy, just starting to fill out NB clothes and sort of fitting in 0-3 month clothes. He can follow objects with his eyes, hold his head up (for about 10 seconds), and is smirking (little smiles) more and more each day. During 'tummy time' he is very squirmy, he arches his back like a sky diver, almost touching his toes to the back of his head! It is so funny to watch. I will try to post a video. Brennan is very wirey! Also, he is starting to make some new noises. He already grunts a lot, but now he makes some 'coo' noises. He is sleeping well during the night, only waking twice to feed and rarely crying at night-time. He has his moments during the day, but over-all is very happy.

Brennan has many visitors! Almost a visitor a day. He loves all of the attention. Grammy Martin just left on Wednesday and Gigi and Popo are coming today!! Yesterday he got to visit his new girl-friend Charlie (she is one week old) and see a bunch of people at Bear Creek Elementary. Tomorrow he will get to go to Daddy's b-ball game.

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