Thursday, July 16, 2009

Our little peanut!

Brennan just went to his 4 month - 'well baby' - check-up. We always new Brennan was a small baby, especially when the nurse asked us if we were there for our 2 month check-up! But, we found out Brennan comes in at the 5th percentile in weight and height, and the 50th for head size...smarty! Good news is that he stays in his clothes longer than most babies :) The doctor also noted that Brennan is very personable for his age. Dr. B even said, "looks like you have a flirt on your hands"! Hmmmm, wonder where he got that....DAD!

Brennan is really grabbing for objects now and hanging on. Looks like I will have to hang up some of that jewelry. He is also rolling all over, sitting in his 'Bumbo' support chair, and starting to show signs of early crawling (tucking knees, etc.). Recently he slept 7-8 hours for 4 days strait, but just went back to 5 hours, DARN!


bmartin said...

What can I say...He's lover not a fighter!

CJ Colt said...

Katy forgot to say that he picked up a baseb all for the first time on Saturday when Popo and GG were here.