Wednesday, November 11, 2009

I'm a BIG boy now - 8 months old!

Brennan turned 8 months old, November 10th. He has had quite the month developmentally. He is crawling, pulling up on things and getting into everything. He just discovered how to open doors. He is so mesmerized by the door opening and closing that he doesn't even care what is inside of it...YET! We have taken persuasions and baby-proofed EVERYTHING. Well, everything that WE can think of, Brennan will probably find other hazards we will have to deal with. Also, he got his two front bottom teeth and loves to show them off with his smiles. He just tried a few Cheerio type snacks and had a very curious face while tasting them. In the end, I think he liked them. He loves carrot, green bean, pea, sweet potato, butternut squash, applesauce, pear, and banana purees. He also babbles sounds like 'dadada', 'blahblahblah', and even likes to make 'motor boat' noises while spitting lots of slobber. He can clap, give semi-hifives and is working on waiving, right now it is kind of a random arm jerk. He loves BB and Shellby. Surprisingly, BB is more tolerant than Shellby, but Shellby is coming around. She has been a little confused by all of this change, AND a little desperate for our attention. We also discovered Brennan has a pretty good immune system, when he managed not to get the flu his Dad had or the cold Mom had. Daycare days are around the corner, the true test of immunity will come then!

The best of all is seeing Brennan's little personality come out. He is quite the charmer. If you say 'no' he looks at you and smiles with a very devious look, then giggles away. When I come home from work he starts bouncing like a little bean, while smiling and clapping. Brennan loves his Dad, just the sound of his voice makes him smile.

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