Thursday, February 11, 2010

11 months

Brennan is quite the little personality. We are starting to see how Brennan likes to laugh and make us laugh. He will often do something that he thinks is "funny" (like banging toys together), then wait for us to laugh and then follow our laugh with a big giggle. He is very social and is always drawn to other kids. He will go right up to them and interact. Daycare has been great for that. This month has been full of watching Brennan explore the world! Now that he is walking, everything has changed. He always manages to find the most unsafe thing to play with, like my curling irons and the toilet lid! Toys just aren't that interesting. Christina, his daycare "lady" has taught Brennan how to go up and down stairs safely (see the video). It is amazing to see him take such care in doing something cautiously. We almost don't need a baby gate. Swimming just wrapped up yesterday. he loved getting in the water and splashing around, he even got his first certificate. He got all "checks" in each area, except blowing bubbles. I of course demanded to see the rubric for the expectations on receiving a "check" ;) He still loves his little book corner. He will sit for 10 minutes "reading" (turning pages). Brennan continues to love eating. He gets very excited to sit in his high chair. He now eats all solid foods: frozen veggies, soft fruits, crackers, meats and cheeses. He really likes to "do it himself", so he much prefers self feeding to being spoon fed. But if we are spoon feeding him something, he likes to have his own spoon which he is allowed to occasionally attempt to serve himself. He laughs so hard when he actually gets some in his mouth!! Our favorite is hearing Brennan's big giggle. He IS ticklish, so we can always get a giggle with a little tickle. In one month Brennan will be 1 year! We are planning a little party for the big day.

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Brett said...

Man, you don't realize how fast time goes by until you get to see a little one grow up...sounds like Brennan is quite the charmer.