Friday, March 19, 2010

First Birthday Party!

After a bit of preparation, family arriving into town, and a pre-party nap, the moment arrived for celebrating Brennan's big birthday! March 6 (a few days early) we celebrated Brennan's 1st birthday. Both sets of Grandparents, Auntie KK, and 30 guests joined us for the mid-day celebration. Good food, a bounce house, cupcakes, TONS of presents, lots of smiles AND 60 degree weather in early March made for a fun-packed day. When it came to the cake-eating moment Brennan was VERY apprehensive, but after one taste of that sugary frosting, he was ALL in!! When it came to present opening, Brennan had a lot of little helpers. Thanks to them we did not have to sit there for 3 hours opening gifts, they reduced it to about an hour...thank goodness ;). To say Brennan is now spoiled is an understatement. And, although it was a perfect day, there were of course those things that made it even more memorable, like: Brennan falling out the back door at the beginning of the party, and 1/2 of our family getting the violent stomach flu we had earlier in the week!


Anonymous said...

What a cuuuute party!

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