Thursday, October 16, 2008

It's a the doctor thinks!

Once we got home, we were so excited we could not decide who would open the gift. I couldn't do it! I closed my eyes and so did CJ, he pulled out the onesie, and I heard him laugh. When I opened my eyes I saw the boy onesie and was so surprised! I had a few instinct that it was girl, so I was way wrong. The doctor had written in the card: '70% chance a baseball player'. We had made him write a % and we think he was joking, because in the envelope he also included an ultrasound picture of the boy part. We plan on getting double confirmation at the next appointment, in a week!!

My student's voted what they thought it would be. 13 thought a girl, 12 a boy. One said I was going to have a girl because 'girls have girls'. When I told them all it was a boy, some cheered (those who voted BOY) and some sighed and moaned (those who voted GIRL). They really thought it was like a game :) the boy who said 'girls have girls' might be a little confused now!

CJ and I feel so excited to have a little more knowledge about our future with this little one. We love talking about it and calling the baby 'him'.

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